At Acqua Health we believe that health starts from within and that every one of us has the power to influence our own well being through a healthy diet, exercise, a positive lifestyle, and the aid of complementary therapies. Essentially, we believe that when you feel good you look good and when you look good you feel good.

No one on this planet is free from toxins. Our bodies have become dumping grounds for toxic compounds that invade our air, water and soil. Even if you try and do all the right things; exercising routinely, eating organic, drinking plenty of water, getting quality sleep; keeping our bodies clean is a struggle.


The two complementary therapies that will be offered at Acqua Health are Colon Hydrotherapy and Cocoon Infrared Sauna Therapy.


Colon Hydrotherapy involves very safe, gentle and effective cleansing of the colon using warm water gently infused via the rectum. No chemicals or drugs are involved and the entire therapy is both relaxing and effective.


Colon Hydrotherapy, or colonic irrigation, is an extremely effective method of health maintenance and assisting healing by removing toxins from the body, cleansing the body from the inside. It is also about health promotion, helping people to lose weight, start looking after themselves, eating healthier, managing stress etc.

It can assist the body with healing a variety of conditions such as:

Constipation - Diarrhoea - Irritable bowel - Bloating and excessive gas - Menstruation issues Indigestion - Parasite overload - Allergies - Candida overgrowth - Skin problems - Weight issues Brain/head fogginess - Backache and stiffness - Arthritis - Fatigue - Insomnia - Poor concentration and Headaches


Regular treatments over a longer period of time may lead to improvements in liver and kidney function, better digestion and strengthening of the immune system. Benefits are dependent upon factors such as: amount of toxic load, frequency of bowel movements, lifestyle, stress and diet. Find out more...


We are also proud to offer our wellness clients the latest in thermal technology with the Cocoon Infrared Sauna Pod which has multiple positive effects on your body. Our Infrared Sauna Pods emit Full Spectrum FAR, MID and NEAR Infrared Light Therapy. This provides you with a unique, triple-action detox! Hyperthermic Conditioning’ (frequent exposure of the body to intense heat) can offer a wide arrange of health benefits. For instance, according to research by the University of British Columbia the therapeutic use of infrared light can help relieve common pain, stress and fatigue and contribute to treatment programs for chronic diseases including hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

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Additionally, new study suggests that using a sauna may reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. There is also some indication that infrared heat can be used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome. Find out more...